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Tax Free Municipal Bonds offered through OSAIC WEALTH

With the markets in flux maybe now is the time to consider adding Tax Free Municipal Bonds to your holdings.

To request a ( Free ) Tax Free Municipal Bond Guide that will tell you everything you want to know about Municipal Bonds CLICK HERE 

To learn more about tax free municipal bonds email Arthur Beiley at or call me direct 646-530-8735 or 888-244-7131 .

OSAIC WEALTH Is A Full service securities dealer with access to a wide array of Tax Free Municipal Bonds since 1960. We provide our municipal bond clients with quality customer service and extremely competitive bond prices .

Learn more about Arthur Beiley...

Arthur Beiley has been in the financial services industry for over 37 years. He has built a business servicing the tax free income needs of high net worth individuals across the United States. Art's specialization in tax free municipal bonds has allowed him to leverage his knowledge and provide truly customized advice to even the most demanding of clients. He seeks to build excellent long term client relationships by having a strong focus on his clients' needs and striving to consistently deliver outstanding customer service.

After 20 years at a small regional firm, he has been a member of Freedom Capital Management for the past 15 years * with securities offered through OSAIC WEALTH . Through these vast resources  Art will continue to provide outstanding service and high quality tax free municipal bonds to his ever growing client base. He will also serve as the FCM bond strategist and provide advice and guidance to other FCM financial advisors on tax free income portfolios.

Arthur resides is Scarsdale NY.

Bonds are subject to availability and change in price. They are also subject to market and interest rate risk if sold prior to maturity. Bond values will decline as interest rates rise. Interest income may be subject to the alternative minimum tax. Other state and local taxes may apply.

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